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Weight Loss Surgery in Mohali

Posted on 19 December 2022 02:21 pm

Weight Loss Surgery in Mohali

Before, during and after, what is bariatric surgery like?

Bariatric Surgery is proposed as the most effective solution to circumscribe severe or morbid obesity that persists despite a change in diet and medical monitoring conducted for 6 to 12 months. Candidates for bariatric surgery then begin a long preoperative , surgical and postoperative journey that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Amit Sood is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mohali. He runs an organization named Ckosmic Surgical Center in which he treats his patients with utmost care. He has a very professional and experienced faculty. 

Before bariatric surgery

A medical follow-up of 6 months is essential for the preparation of a bariatric surgery. Carried out within the health establishment that will perform the operation or by specialists practicing in private practice (coordinated by the attending physician ), its objective is to enable the candidate for bariatric surgery to obtain information and ensure his motivation, and specialists to assess the interest of using it.


A preoperative assessment will be carried out from the first month of follow-up. The person suffering from obesity will meet with Dr. Amit Sood, the psychiatrist or the psychologist, the endocrinologist, the nutritionist, the dietician, the gastroenterologist, the pulmonologist (to evaluate the effects of being overweight on breathing and to look for sleep apnea ) , the cardiologist (for the anesthesia assessment ) and the anesthesiologist. A complete assessment of the general state of health, obesity, psychological state, dietary and physical habits of the candidate for bariatric surgery is thus drawn up.


The consultations will be punctuated by various examinations such as an endocrine assessment , research for deficiencies , fibroscopy , ultrasound . During the assessment, it is advisable to participate in therapeutic patient education workshops ( ETP ). New eating habits and smoking cessation will also be implemented during this phase.


At the end of this follow-up, the team will schedule a multidisciplinary consultation meeting ( RCP ) and will issue a favorable opinion, or not, for bariatric surgery.


During bariatric surgery

 Bariatric surgery is performed, in most cases, by laparoscopy , that is to say using a probe equipped with a camera inserted into the abdominal wall. This operative technique, which does not require opening the abdomen, is performed under general anesthesia .


The duration of the intervention varies according to the chosen bariatric surgery. It is on average 1 hour for the installation of a gastric band, 2 hours for the sleeve gastrectomy and 1hr 30min to 3 hours for the gastric bypass.


After the intervention, the operated person stays 1 to 2 hours in the recovery room , then receives analgesics by infusion. The next day, the patient is able to get up with help. A radiological examination is often carried out before discharge to check the results of the operation. Hospitalization is generally of short duration , depending on the general condition of the patient: 2 to 3 days on average for a gastric band, 3 to 8 days for a sleeve gastrectomy and 4 to 8 days for a gastric bypass. In case of complications, the hospitalization will be prolonged .


After bariatric surgery


On leaving the hospital, a work stoppage of 15 days to 1 month is prescribed. The resumption of food is done gradually and can be painful . To avoid pain and vomiting, food is divided into small doses, liquid the first few days, then ground for about 1 month. The amount of food ingested is permanently reduced and modified . It is recommended to stop eating as soon as the first pangs appear and not to drink during meals. The appearance of deficiencies associated with rapid weight loss is common and should be monitored .


Nutritional and psychological monitoring and physical activity guarantee the success of the operation . The goal is to avoid long-term weight regain . 4 post-operative consultations are scheduled for the first year, then at least one annual consultation for the following years.


It is during the preoperative phase that you will make the decision to have surgery and that you will choose the bariatric surgery that suits you best. You will make this decision in consultation with the multidisciplinary team of the establishment which will carry out the intervention, and with the advice of Dr. Amit Sood. It is also recommended to meet people who have already undergone this type of intervention (through patient associations for example). A second opinion from Dr. Amit Sood in bariatric surgery can also be useful for you to make your decision in full knowledge of the facts. So, if you are looking for the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mohali, then you must visit Dr. Amit Sood.

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About The Surgeon


Dr. Amit Sood


Minimal Access , Bariatric , Metabolic and Endoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Amit Sood, who is the Founder & Director of CKOSMIC SURGICAL CENTER and his experience forms the core of the organization. He is one of the youngest Minimal Access, Bariatric, Metabolic, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeon in India and has also been awarded with a Gold Medal in surgery.

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