SLeep Well For A Healthy Self

Sleep Well For A Healthy Self

Most of us struggle to get out of bed early in the morning. Almost all of us have the habit of snoozing our alarms. This is also a fact that almost all of us are really looking for measures to get a good sleep and the commence of Covid-19 has added fuel to this problem. It is no wonder we are stressed, but still, that doesn’t mean we compromise our sleep for that.

sleep is more important than anything else. We can skip a day’s meal, even we can skip physical exercises or any other necessary activity from our daily routine. But with sleep, it is not at all possible. an adult requires 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day at least minimum of 6 hours is must go for a healthy body and mind. With that, it’s not only about the number of hours but it is also about the quality of our sleep.


Before finding out how to get good sleep it is indispensable to know why and how a good sleep matters.

  • A night of good sleep helps you eat less, exercise better, and make you live a healthier life.
  • A good sleep freshens you up, keeps you energetic throughout the day, and in turn makes you more productive.
  • In fact, good sleep impacts your psyche in a positive way.
  • It can help you maintain your weight.
  • It improves your memory and increases your attention span.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It also helps in building a strong immune system.
  • It reduces your blood pressure and keeps your heart-healthy.

Seeing these benefits you must be thinking.

“How can I ignore it?”


“Why i have not prioritised it yet? 


 Good things don’t look for some great occasions to start. It can be started anywhere and anytime. Here are few tips how you can do it 

To categorize  there are three parts which affects ur sleep

A)External Elements

B)Interface Elements

C)Internal Elements

1)External elements:

This is the first step to follow in order to get a good tight sleep. It can also be named as the local environment. The place where you sleep matters a lot. Your surroundings or the room where you sleep should be clean, organized, and well ventilated.

The various ways in which you can maintain your surrounding or other physical aspects are:

a)Restrict your bed to sleep: Limit your bed activities to sleep or intimacy. All other activities like watching TV, eating, checking mails, reading, or playing video games should be totally avoided. Such activities stimulate the brain and ultimately and make it harder to fall sleep

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b)Maintain your bedroom clean and organized: Though I have suggested in the previous point to restrict your bed to sleep. But there are few people who may not have this facility to set a separate workplace for them as many of us are working from home .

c)Keep your bedroom cool and dark: Keep your bedroom as dark as possible while sleeping as the light is one of the major factors which regulate the sleep-wake cycle. 

d)Increase bright light exposure during the day and blue light exposure during the night: This is scientifically proved that bright light during the day helps to improve your sleep quality and duration. Try your best to get the sunlight exposure every day and if not possible then invest in artificial bright light bulbs or other devices.

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Also, our gadgets emit blue light which is worsening the situation. Thus either wear glasses that block the light or certain apps are available which you can download on your laptop or computer.

2)Interface Environment:

This is the second step towards a good sleep. We all know the benefits of physical exercise. Along with maintaining metabolism, body weight, or cardiovascular health it also induces good sleep. So here are few points through which you can follow so as to get a good sleep.

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a)Physical exercises: Get at least thirty minutes of exercise 5 times per week so as to get a deep and restorative sleep. As regular exercises alleviate the stress level which keeps you tossing and turning on the bed. Pay special attention to aerobic exercises, running, jogging or yoga to benefit sleep.

b)Watch what you eat: For a good sleep I would suggest to eat a light meal for dinner and stay away from consuming junk or spicy food. Have your dinner two hours before sleep and in case you feel an urge to have something then go for something light i.e. milk, cheese, almonds, or yoghurt. Try avoiding caffeinated beverages after noon as they can stay in your system for several hours and can impact your sleep.  Go for a walk or can stroll for sometime after dinner.

c)Stick to your natural sleep cycle: Try your best to stick to a proper sleep pattern which should be in sync with your natural sleep or wake upcycle. We aren’t able to stick to our sleep pattern during weekends which disrupts our whole rhythm and on Monday we experience the same effect as jet lag. Thus it is important.

d)Shower before sleeping helps a lot in order to get good sleep.

3)Mental Environment:

It is one of the crucial factors so as to get a sound and consistent sleep. The major reason for our sleepless nights is the lack of peace or stress in life. We do not get proper sleep because our mind is overworked or we are overwhelmed with emotions. Thus it is important to attain inner peace in order to have a good sleep

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Thus you can adopt the following methods so as to have a real good sleep

a)Conversations: Avoid having heated or touchy conversations before bedtime as your mind will more likely to replay that recording while you are jostling on the bed in order to sleep.

b)Journaling: journaling is going to work for all of us. Jot down your next day’s activities or unfinished tasks or to-do list on your journal so that your concerns about upcoming events will get out of your system. You can even write down your overwhelming emotions.

c)Calm your body or mind: Mental tiredness is the major reason behind not so good sleep. The whole day we work hard in order to make both ends meet. With the commence of the internet era, mental pressure on us has actually increased. These days we work more on-screen than off-screen which is actually baffling us mentally. Thus it is mandatory to calm your mind before you sleep. You can sit in silence for a few minutes before sleep. This will help you a lot.


d)Cleansing process: When you sit in silence before sleep tries to recall your day. Find out the not so good incidents of the day. Now try to visualize the same incident and see yourself behaving in a different manner (calm). Sometimes those incidents keep running which keeps on pinching us. Following the cleaning method helps to induce such a great tight sleep that in my case 5 hours are enough.

Don’t remain on the bed if you didn’t get sleep within 20 minutes. Get up try to jot down on a paper that is bothering you. This helps a lot to get a good sleep.

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e)Paying gratitude: We all know the benefits of being Thankful. Thus before sleeping be thankful to each and every element of the universe that they are always with you and are working day & night which is helping you to lead a great life. This really calms you down and makes you feel contended.


Though there are innumerous methods to get a good sleep. I am not saying you all to follow these methods. Different people have different experiences and different ways. All are appropriate and your body knows how to design it for you. But I would certainly want to end with the following words.


Your sleep determines your day. Your days determine your week. Your weeks determine your years and years of life. So don’t take your sleep casually. Your sleeping time is the time when your cells energies and renew themselves. Thus to have an energized and ever-refreshing life, sleep is of utmost importance.

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