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Best Bariatric Surgeon In Hoshiarpur

Posted on 03 November 2021 12:27 pm

Best Bariatric Surgeon In Hoshiarpur

Bariatric Surgery?

Best Bariatric surgery has become a very effective option for people suffering from obesity and metabolic diseases. These procedures are a safe and efficient option to combat obesity, showing lasting results over time. In addition, it helps to bring back or better control diseases associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, best bariatric surgeon in hoshiarpur heart disease, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, etc. Obesity is a risk factor for some types of cancer, putting every patient’s life at risk. Excess weight affects much more than physical appearance. Obesity is related to several pathologies that reduce the quality of life and life expectancy of a person suffering from this disease.

“Reduction of excess weight allows to attack risk factors and thus improves quality of life and recovery. Our main objective is to improve the health of patients through a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach”, Dr. Amit Sood is a surgeon and specialist in bariatric surgery at Metropolitan Polyclinic.

Metabolic and bariatric surgery, along with a set of surgical procedures aimed at treating obesity and related diseases through alterations in the gastrointestinal tract, combined with lifestyle changes allows for weight loss that is maintained over a long period of time. Furthermore, remission of several metabolic diseases is associated with obesity. Bariatric and metabolic surgery is, undoubtedly, the most efficient and safest option for dealing with obesity, with lasting results over time. In addition, it has become the best option to eliminate or control diseases associated with morbid obesity such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia. It is the ideal intervention for people who suffer from some physical limitations as a result of obesity, explains Dr. Higure. This is applicable in patients with a body mass index (BMI) of approximately 30 kg/m2.

It is also the solution for patients suffering from Type II Diabetes Mellitus. As with the use of any bariatric technique, the patient not only reduces body measurements but also makes changes to a better, healthier lifestyle; And as a result, it will look good. Get the best diabetes treatment from the best bariatric surgeon in punjab dr amit sood. 

Types Of Bariatric Surgery:-

Our institute has a variety of bariatric procedures, which are performed with first-class technology and with a high level of safety, no procedure is better than the other, ideally to clear all your doubts Get evaluated with an expert. Best bariatric surgeon in hoshiarpur Choose a more appropriate procedure that best suits the needs of the patient. These are the most common types of interventions:


Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass :- One of the most commonly performed processes is a change in the amount of food eaten and its absorption through changes in the disposition of the gastrointestinal tract, which significantly reduces ingested calories. To do this, the surgeon cuts the upper part of the stomach, sealing the rest. The result is a walnut-sized bag with the capacity to hold approximately one ounce of food. Finally, the small intestine is cut and sewn directly into the new stomach. In this way, when food is ingested, it will pass through this new digestive system. It is a very safe type of surgery with excellent results, with a fairly high rate of effectiveness, which is why it is called the gold standard of bariatric techniques. That is, with gastric bypass, you will be satisfied with less food, but these will be absorbed to a lesser extent; thus achieving a substantial and accelerated weight loss. At the Metropolitan Clinic, we perform bariatric procedures similar to those applied in advanced countries


Gastric sleeve:- Also called vertical gastrectomy, it consists of removing a part of the stomach and leaving only a section in the shape of a “long and thin tube”, performed through a stapling system. This surgery reduces the amount of food the stomach can receive, making the patient feel full with less portion of food. Removal of part of the stomach affects certain gastrointestinal hormones, which interfere with the process of appetite and metabolism, reducing the feeling of hunger for a certain period of time.


The gastric sleeve is conspicuously restricted. That is, it reduces the stomach by about 1/3 of its volumetric dimensions. Its name comes from the fact that the new anatomy given to the organ resembles a tube. In addition, the removed area is the largest producer of ghrelin, the hunger hormone; With the extraction of these cells you will be able to satiate yourself faster and thus lose your desired weight


Adjustable Gastric Band:- In this bariatric surgery, the specialist places a ring with an internal inflatable band in the upper part of the abdomen, forming a small pouch. As in the previous procedures, the patient feels increasingly full while eating. Inside this gastric band is a circular balloon filled with a saline solution, so the surgeon can adjust the size of the bag.


Currently, it is one of the procedures that is performed less and less frequently than the previous ones, as it is associated with more complications, the need to remove the band predominates due to the patient’s intolerance to food.


Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch:- This is also known as “mixed surgery” and involves two separate procedures. On the one hand it is similar to the gastric sleeve and on the other hand the small intestine is divided into two parts. In this way, food passes through one section, bypassing most of the small intestine. It helps in reducing the total calories and nutrients absorbed by the body.


The benefit of this intervention for patients is a significantly greater weight loss compared to previous procedures. However, a lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins can lead to complications in the body. This is why it is not done very often.


Ellipse gastric balloon:- A new technology that does not require surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia. The Ellipse gastric balloon procedure involves taking a capsule by mouth that contains a balloon that will be filled with bodily solution, which will make you feel satiated by placing it inside the stomach. Patients spontaneously swallow the capsules as directed by the specialist. Best bariatric surgeon in hoshiarpur the gastric balloon that is inserted into the stomach has a vegan film that makes it biodegradable, so it will only remain in the body for 4 months.


Likewise, the moment the film that covers it begins to deteriorate, the gastric balloon will break and will be excreted in a normal way by the digestive system. The advantage of this method is that it helps to maintain a restrictive eating process for 4 months, which gives greater satiety to those who carry it with less food. Like the other procedures, it must be accompanied by the support of nutritionists, physiotherapists, and psychologists.


Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery


Our patients have been able to lose up to 70 – 85% of their excess weight. Those thinking about surgery should talk to our Doctor about what their personal expectations should be for loss of excess weight. In addition to this, co-morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, infertility, thyroid etc… are often reduced or completely cured.

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