Testimonial of Mr. Alamjeet Singh Mann from Toronto, Canada  who has lost 40kgs weight after weight loss surgery by the best weight loss surgeon in Punjab Dr. Amit Sood. He was suffering from diabetes, sleep apnoea, colitis and in this video he is explaining how weight loss surgery has transformed his life into a healthy one. He is 62 and now after weight loss surgery all his problems are gone and he can even do running  at this age.

Testimonial of Mr. Surinder Sharma from Canada who lost tremendous weight after weight loss surgery. in this video he is explaining how his all the problems get cured after the wweight loss surgery.

Testimonial of MS. Jasbir Kaur who was suffering from uterine Fibroids since long. in this video she is explaining her experience of the laparoscopic surgery of her fibroids HYSTRECTOMY done by DR. Amit Sood. she has come all the way from Canada to get it done from Dr. Amit Sood a very well known Minimal access, Bariatric, laparoscopic, Diabetes surgeon of Punjab, India.

Testimonial of Ms. Hardeep Kaur from Calgary who has underwent Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery for Gallbladder CHOLECYSTECTOMY. You Can Listen to Her experience with Dr. Amit Sood and his Team Ckosmic at Ckosmic Surgical center, MOGA. she has opted for no scar surgery, Dr. Amit Sood has earned his name in the field as THE SILS EXPERTS.


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