Testimonial of Mr. Paramvir Singh who has undergone weight loss surgery  by Dr. Amit Sood. he was 204kg at the time of operation and was facing multiple health problems.

Testimonial of Mr. Angrej Singh who lost tremendous weight after weight loss surgery.

Testimonial of Ms. Harjeet Kaur who has undergone Redo weight loss surgery done BY DR. Amit Sood. she was sharing her past experience of bariatric surgery done by some other doctor and what problems she has faced after that and then finally she has again undergone weight loss surgery by Dr. Amit Sood and gained a new life and all her problems totally vanished away. Choosing a Doctor/Surgeon for weight loss  procedures plays an important role in weight loss surgery. 

Testimonial of Mrs. sarabjeet Kaur  who has underwent weight loss surgery for her weight loss by Dr. Amit Sood, a known name in Bariatric/ Weight Liss surgery. This is a video of her experience just after the second day of her being operated.

Testimonial of Mrs. Jasbir Kaur who lost 15/20 kgs  of weight in a month after weight loss surgery by DR. Amit Sood at Ckosmic Surgical Center, Moga.

Testimonial of Mrs. Jyoti who was badly suffering from Uterine Fibroids which is a common problem in females. listen to her experinece of getting the surgery laparoscopically by DR. Amit Sood  at Ckosmic Surgical Center Moga. Hystrectomy and Myomectomy is done at Ckosmic Surgical Canter Moga by Dr. Amit Sood laparoscopically. so why to cut the abdomen choose the best doctor for yourself. Laparoscopy treatment is helpful in faster recovery, minimal hospital stay and less pain and less scarring.

Testimonial of Mr. Neeraj who lost tremendous weight after weight loss surgery.

Testimonial of Ms. Madhu Popli who has underwent Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery for Gallbladder CHOLECYSTECTOMY. You Can Listen to Her experience with Dr. Amit Sood and his Team Ckosmic at Ckosmic Surgical center, MOGA. she has opted for no scar surgery, Dr. Amit Sood has earned his name in the field as THE SILS EXPERTS.

Testimonial of Mr. Vishal Gupta who has underwent Laparoscopic surgery for his hernia. 

TO know More about Bariatric /Weight Loss surgery and Laparoscopic surgery click on the above YOUTUBE link and see what the EXPERT has to say about it. You can also listen our patients’ TESTIMONIALS in which they are explaining that how Weight loss surgery has transformed their lives to good and given them a new hope to live again a happy healthy and fit life by clicking on the same link .


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