Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mohali

Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mohali

Nowadays many people are struggling with the problem of obesity. However, to reduce it, they adopt many measures like dieting, joining a gym, doing yoga, etc. In such a situation, his problem can be solved only by bariatric surgery. Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mohali is a surgery that is performed to reduce obesity. In this surgery, 80 percent of the stomach is removed, which seems to be full quickly. It is a weight loss bariatric surgery in which abdominal fat is surgically removed.

Types Of Bariatric Surgery:-

There are three main types of bariatric surgery, they are as follows.


  1. Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgery performed on a person who is suffering from the problem of extreme obesity. In gastric sleeve surgery, laparoscopy equipment is used and with its help, the size of the stomach is reduced.
  1. Gastric Bypass Surgery:- Gastric bypass surgery refers to weight loss surgery, in which the upper part of the stomach is tied up and the lower part is attached to the small intestine, so that food passes directly into the small intestine. Gastric bypass surgery makes a person hungry.
  1. Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap-Band):- Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap-Band) Surgery involves placing an elastic band on the upper part of the abdomen and with the help of which the extra fat is present on the stomach is removed.

Who Is Recommended For Bariatric Surgery?

Obesity surgery is advised to such people, who have the following things-


  • Having An Abnormal BMI:- When a person goes to a surgeon about his obesity problem, the surgeon first checks his BMI. In this test, if his BMI falls between 35-40, then surgeons recommend him to undergo obesity surgery.
  • Presence of other diseases:- If a person has certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, etc., in that case, surgeons may recommend obesity surgery.
  • Failure of all methods of reducing weight:- A person troubled by obesity tries everything possible to reduce it and for this adopts all methods like exercise, yoga, dieting, etc., but when he does not get any benefit from all these methods. If it reaches, he needs to undergo surgery.

           In this situation, surgeons recommend he undergo obesity surgery.



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Pre-Procedure of Bariatric Surgery:-​

Although Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mohali is the most effective way to address the problem of obesity, it is not necessary that this surgery will prove useful for all types of overweight people.

Therefore, before performing this surgery, surgeons thoroughly examine the health of the person, for this they also do some tests to confirm whether bariatric surgery is suitable for this person or not.

Through this obesity surgery, the following operations are done before the operation of abdominal fat-


  • Medically Fit:– Before performing this surgery on any person, the surgeon makes sure that there will be no side effects of this surgery on that person. For this, they examine the medical history of that person.
  • Blood Test:– When surgeons perform bariatric surgery on a person, they test their blood before performing it.
  • ECG Test:– Before performing bariatric surgery, a person is tested for ECG so that the status of his heart can be found out.
  • Staying On An Empty Stomach:- Surgeons advise the person undergoing bariatric surgery that he should not eat anything before this surgery (about 24 hours before) so that this obesity surgery can be done correctly.

How Is Bariatric Surgery Performed?

There are some points involved in bariatric surgery, for which it is very important to do it very carefully. These points are as follows-

     Anesthesia to the patient:- This is the first point of bariatric surgery, in which the patient is given anesthesia so that he does not feel any kind of pain during the entire procedure.

     Monitoring of blood pressure:- As soon as the effect of anesthesia begins, obesity surgery is started. During this, the person’s blood pressure (BP) is monitored.

     Applying antiseptic cream:- Antiseptic cream is applied to the stomach of the person while monitoring the blood pressure.

     Shaving the abdominal area:- After applying antiseptic cream on the abdomen, that part is shaved.


     Removal of fat by laparoscopy:- This is the most important and sensitive point of this surgery, which is done very carefully. During this, the excess fat present on the abdomen is removed with a laparoscopy instrument. With this, this weight loss surgery ends.

Post-Procedure of Bariatric Surgery:-

As it has been clarified above that the best bariatric surgeons in Mohali perform the surgery very carefully, even after this some procedures are done, which are as follows


  • Take To The Recovery oom:- After the bariatric surgery is over, the person is taken to the recovery room.


  • Conducting Physical Examination:- After the person is taken to the recovery room, a physical examination is done. This is done to find out whether the person’s body is functioning properly after obesity surgery.


  • Blood Pressure (B.P) Check:- After weight loss surgery, a person’s blood pressure (B.P) is checked.


  • Giving Medicines:- After obesity surgery, some medicines are given to the person so that he does not have any kind of infection or pain.

Benefits of bariatric surgery:-

Bariatric surgery is nothing less than a boon primarily for those who are suffering from being overweight.


There are many benefits of bariatric surgery, out of which the main 5 benefits are as follows


  • Losing Fat:- The most important benefit of bariatric surgery is that it loses body fat.


  • Reducing Diabetes:- By reducing the excess fat present on the body through bariatric surgery, that person also avoids the risk of many diseases like diabetes.


  • Reducing Depression:- A person suffering from excess weight remains very upset due to this. In this way, through bariatric surgery, his problem goes away and his chances of going into depression are also reduced to a great extent.



  • Control of blood pressure and sugar:- Bariatric surgery controls blood pressure and sugar.


  • Increase In Menstruation In Women:- Due to being overweight in many women, many health-related problems such as lack of menstruation, etc. This problem is overcome by bariatric surgery.

Precautions after Bariatric Surgery:-

There are some risks of bariatric surgery, but they can be avoided by taking some precautions, which are as follows


  • Keeping The Surgical Site Dry:- The person who has undergone bariatric surgery should keep the body part where this surgery has been done.
  • Replacement Of The Bandage:- After bariatric surgery, a bandage is tied on the upper part of the abdomen to keep that part safe. Therefore, that bandage should be changed from time to time.
  • Follow up:- The person doing this surgery should follow up with the surgeon for a certain period after this surgery, in which his weight is checked.
  • Making A Diet Plan:- After this surgery, a person should take care of his diet so that he does not face any kind of problem. For this, he should consult the surgeon and make a diet plan and follow it strictly.
  • Exercising:- Surgeons often recommend that after bariatric surgery, a person should do small exercises such as walking, moving arms, and legs, etc., as doing so improves his health.

         As we all know that the problem of obesity or overweight has become quite common. From 1999 to 2000, 13.9             percent of children and 30.5 percent of young people worldwide were found to be obese or overweight. The                   problem of obesity or excess fat also causes other health problems like BP, heart disease, sugar, etc.

        However, people suffering from overweight adopt various methods to lose weight such as exercising, including              protein in the diet, taking medicines, etc., but when these methods do not reduce their weight, they have to                      undergo surgery. Necessary. Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery that helps in losing weight. Many people              have achieved fitness through the best bariatric surgeon in Mohali.