The Power Of Mind

We all know the Power of Mind. It is the strongest and useful one who possess. This power consists of your thoughts, which are then responsible for everything happen in your life.

We all have two levels of mind which can be understood with the illustration below:

One is Conscious mind which contains all the memories, feelings, decisions, planning and thoughts. The other is Subconscious mind which includes things we might not be presently aware of but we can pull into the consciousness when needed.

We think that we are in control of our conscious mind and it somehow controls our subconscious mind but we are wrong. This is the biggest misconception. Actually, the subconscious mind controls a lot of what we think and influence our thoughts. It is like a storage box or data bank for everything which stores your experiences, skills, memories etc. It is also your guidance system. It constantly monitors the information coming from the senses and would communicate it to the conscious mind. The communication between the subconscious and the conscious mind is bidirectional. Every time when you have an idea or a memory or an image from the past, your subconscious mind is communicating to your conscious mind. This reading will teach you how to use the power of subconscious mind in the way to success and to keep a positive, healthy mindset.

First of all- give yourself permission to be AWESOME!

Sounds simple, isn’t it?

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you rest, everything is up to you. Your emotions, thoughts, perceptions, reactions, every moment, don’t let your mind overflow with negativity. Take simple ways to stop yourself being carried away with negativism.

• Keep Yourself Aware – Awareness is the beginning of change, open your arms to change.

• Do Not Over-think – Do not think what can go wrong, think what can go right and realize you can’t predict the future.

• Distract Yourself Into Happiness.

• Stop Waiting For Perfection – Nobody is perfect, just work on how you can improve it.

• Change Your View of Fear. Be Fearless

• Stop Ruminating About that Happened a Long Time Ago! Live in Present.

• Think About the Happiest Thing / Time of Your Life.

• Value Yourself, Love Yourself, Compliment Yourself Quite Often & Believe in Yourself.

A simple change in mindset can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

When it comes to weight loss, most of us are seeking a lifestyle change. We do not just want to lose weight temporarily but we want to lose weight permanently. In order to do so, we must have a healthy, positive mindset. We must think in a healthy way in order to act and be healthy. Avoid thinking negatively; like I didn’t work out long enough, I am not good enough & I will never be able to do this. Instead focus on what you can do and what you are doing!

You are trying; you are doing the best you can! Take small steps to achieve your realistic goals and finally it will surely help you to reach your main goal. Anything you want is possible but first you have to think it!

Positive mindset helps you to focus on your goal more confidently. Some days will be hard but you just have to be positive and keep moving forward.

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