Weight Loss Surgery in Barnala

Weight Loss Surgery in Barnala

Weight Loss Surgery  

Bariatric surgery is used for those people who are overweight and who were not able to lose weight  with diet and exercise. 

Undergoing weight-loss surgery is an important step. To execute this step, you need to consult with the  Best Bariatric Surgeon in Barnala, i.e., Dr. Amit Sood who has an expertise in weight loss surgery.  He treats his patients at his Ckosmic Surgical Center with proper care and takes care of their health.  After surgery, you will need to make new lifelong changes in the way you eat and drink.

What are the types of weight loss surgery? 

Depending on whether the weight-loss surgery is done to reduce the size of the stomach or to change  the path of the intestine, Dr. Amit Sood will perform one of the following procedures: 

Adjustable gastric band placement 

Dr. Amit Sood wraps a band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce its size. Gastric sleeve. 

Dr. Amit Sood removes more than half of the stomach, leaving a thin vertical sleeve, or tube. Gastric bypass. 

Dr. Amit Sood uses a small part of the stomach to create a smaller one. This connects to the middle  part of the small intestine. Food bypasses or bypasses the rest of the stomach and part of the small  intestine. This surgery is known as a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. 

What to expect 

You may need to stay in the hospital for a day or more after surgery. Most people need 2-4 weeks  before they can return to their normal routine.  

Dr. Amit Sood will give you specific instructions about what you can eat after the operation. You will  start with only small amounts of soft, liquid foods. Little by little, you will be able to eat more solid  foods. Dr. Amit Sood may advise you to work with a dietitian. This way, you’ll be sure to get enough  protein, vitamins, and minerals while losing weight. 

After surgery, you will not be able to eat much at one time. You will feel full quickly. If you do, you could  vomit, have stomach pain, or diarrhoea. 


You will probably lose weight very quickly during the first few months after surgery. As time goes by, the  rate at which you lose weight will slow down. You will have regular visits with Dr. Amit Sood to see  how you are doing. 


It is common to have many different feelings after this surgery. You may feel happy or excited when you  begin to lose weight. But you may also feel overwhelmed or frustrated with the changes you need to  make to your diet, activity, and lifestyle. Talk to Dr. Amit Sood if you have questions or concerns. 

Bariatric Surgery is not an instant solution. You will still need to eat healthy and exercise regularly. This  will help you reach your goal weight and keep you from regaining the weight you’ve lost. 

Why is it done? 

If your BMI is 35 or more, you can have surgery if you have been trying to lose weight for at least 6  months. 

What is its effectiveness? 

Some people lose almost all of the extra weight. It also depends on how closely people follow their  doctor’s advice on lifestyle changes, check-ups and counselling. 

Research shows that people who have gastric bypass surgery lose more weight overall than those who  have gastric sleeve surgery or gastric band placement. But people who have gastric bypass surgery have  more complications right after the surgery. 


Here are some common risks of weight-loss surgery: 

  • You could have an infection. 
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to problems like anaemia and osteoporosis . Some people get gallstones . 
  • Some people get kidney stones . 
  • You may gain the lost weight back in a few years after surgery if you don’t follow proper eating  plan and lifestyle. 

Risks of each type of surgery 

Talk to Dr. Amit Sood who is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Barnala to understand all of your  risks. Here are some of the more common or serious risks of each type of weight-loss surgery: 

Adjustable gastric band placement 

After this surgery, you are more likely to need another operation to resolve problems than you would be  with gastric bypass. For example, some people need a second operation because they are not happy  with having the band. Or the band may slip. Or it can work its way from the outside to the inside of the  stomach. This is called erosion.

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries 

These can cause a leak from the stomach into the abdomen area which can cause an infection called  peritonitis. 

Gastric bypass. 

With this operation, the connection between the stomach and the small intestine can be narrowed which can cause nausea and vomiting after eating. 

So if you are looking for an experienced, trustworthy and the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Barnala, then  you should visit Dr. Amit Sood.

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Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda
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Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda
Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda
Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda
Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda
Weight Loss Surgery in Bathinda

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