Weight Loss Surgery in Rajpura

Weight Loss Surgery in Rajpura

Bariatric surgery (stomach reduction surgery) 

Bariatric surgery is a procedure indicated to treat cases of severe obesity. It is also known as “stomach reduction” because it changes the organ’s original shape and  reduces its ability to receive food, making it difficult to absorb an exaggerated number  of calories.

Dr. Amit Sood is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Rajpura. He has an organization  named Ckosmic Surgical Center in which he treats his patients with utmost care and  very professionally. 

Obesity is excess fat in the body, in an amount that causes damage to health. It is a  disease with several causes, including: 

– excessive food intake; 

– lack of physical activity; 

– genetic tendency; 

– hormonal problems. 

An unoperated person has space to consume approximately 1 liter to 1.5 liter of food. A  post-bariatric stomach has a capacity of 25 ml to 200 ml (equivalent to an American  cup). Surgery also affects the production of the satiety hormone, which reduces the  desire to eat, but the reduction in capacity is the main responsible for weight loss. 

Bariatric surgery is recommended for obese individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI)  above 40, e.g. a person who is 1.70 meters and 116 kilograms, or people who have a  BMI above 35, for example, a person of 1. 70 meters and 102 kilos who have associated  diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, herniated disc, hepatic  steatosis (liver fat), among others. 

Currently, the most used techniques are: 

– Sleeve or sleeve: it is the method that removes part of the stomach without altering  the intestine. It is usually recommended for patients with less severe obesity. 

– Bypass method: in this method the stomach is reduced with cuts or staples and an  alteration is made to the intestine to reconnect it to the part of the stomach that will  remain functional.

Bariatric surgery is usually a safe procedure, but post-surgery care must be followed to  avoid complications and side effects. 

What interferes most in the post-surgical period is the way the surgery is performed,  which can be in two ways: 

laparoscopy : through a small hole in the abdomen; 

open : through a 30 cm cut. 

The care is practically the same, but in the case of the open method, the patient must be  at rest for a longer time for healing to occur properly. Those who underwent surgery  using this method should also use a belt or abdominal band for the period indicated by  Dr. Amit Sood to prevent the stitches from coming loose. 

In the first few days, the biggest challenge is reconciling adequate nutrition and  hydration with a stomach that has become too small. The amount of water traditionally  recommended, two to three liters a day, is still valid, but the patient needs to drink it in  very small portions, taken several times throughout the day. There are patients who are  instructed to take amounts of the order of 50 ml every 30 minutes, for example. 

As for food, the patient must follow a liquid diet for 15 days, switching to a soft or soft  diet until released for a solid diet. In general, this phase takes 30 days. 

For six weeks, the patient should also not make great efforts. On the other hand, the  recommendation should not be understood as an excuse for not moving. On the  contrary, it is essential to stay active and take light walks. 

Emotional state and bariatric surgery

Psychological evaluation is a mandatory procedure for anyone who wants to have  bariatric surgery which will be recommended by Dr. Amit Sood who is the Best  Bariatric Surgeon in Rajpura. It is through it that specialists help patients to  differentiate between “what is hunger” and “what is a desire to eat”, for example. In  addition, they also assess the presence of disorders such as depression, anxiety and  binge eating, being monitored by various health professionals, such as a nutritionist,  endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, psychologist, among others. 

Although weight loss is rapid, there is a risk that the patient will regain the  weight. Those who have undergone bariatric surgery have difficulty eating excessively  because the stomach cannot hold large amounts of food, but it is necessary to practice  exercises and follow up with the health team.

So if you are looking for a doctor who treats you perfectly and gives you the best  advice, then you must visit Dr. Amit Sood who is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in  Rajpura.

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Dr. Amit Sood, who is the Founder & Director of CKOSMIC SURGICAL CENTER and his experience forms the core of the organization. He is one of the youngest Minimal Access, Bariatric, Metabolic, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeon in India and has also been awarded with a Gold Medal in surgery.


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