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Weight Loss Surgery in Zirakpur

Posted on 19 December 2022 08:43 pm

Weight Loss Surgery in Zirakpur

What is bariatric surgery? 

Bariatric surgery can be used for people who are overweight or obese. These interventions are intended to help the patient lose weight and control certain diseases caused by excess weight, such as diabetes , arterial hypertension , hypercholesterolemia or even sleep apnea. Dr. Amit 

Sood is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Zirakpur. He has an organization named Ckosmic Surgical Center in which he treats his patients very carefully and with full dedication. He has very experienced staff members who are also very dedicated towards their work. Three types of interventions are generally performed.

The gastric band 

This technique is called “restrictive” because it reduces the size of the stomach and slows the passage of food. A ring is placed around the upper part of the stomach, thus delimiting a small upper stomach pouch, or gastric pouch. This pocket of reduced size is therefore quickly filled by the food ingested, and the feeling of satiety appears quickly. The gastric band technique does not disturb the digestion of food, which is all assimilated by the body, and it is the only adjustable technique: the diameter of the band is in fact modifiable and can therefore be adapted during medical follow-up of the patient. 

The gastric sleeve 

Also restrictive, this operation consists of removing about 2/3 of the stomach, including the part containing the cells that secrete the hormone that stimulates appetite: ghrelin . The appetite is therefore reduced and the stomach no longer has the shape of a pocket but rather that of a vertical tube. Food therefore passes more quickly through the intestine. 

Gastric bypass 

Unlike the two previous techniques, the bypass, also called gastric bypass in Y, is a technique that is both restrictive and malabsorptive, that is to say, which also acts on the way food is digested by the body. No organ is removed or shrunk during this procedure, but the food goes directly into the middle part of the small intestine, and is therefore assimilated in less quantity. 

What support ? 

Since obesity is a serious illness, if surgery is possible, Dr. Amit Sood who is responsible for your follow-up will give you more information on the chosen surgical technique (ring, sleeve or bypass). If you agree to have the operation, an intervention date is proposed to you and a request for prior agreement is sent to your health insurance fund. 

On the other hand, health insurance does not systematically cover: 

  • certain vitamin supplements as part of the preparation for the operation or post-operative follow-up; 
  • consultations with psychologists or liberal dieticians; 
  • certain acts of reconstructive surgery, such as abdominoplasty for example.

You can ask Dr. Amit Sood who is the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Zirakpur for advice, and get information from health insurance or your mutual insurance company. 

How to prepare for bariatric surgery? 

Depending on Dr. Amit Sood’s recommendations, and before even considering surgery, it is essential to put yourself in a positive and voluntary state of mind: weight loss can be slow to observe and difficult to manage over the long term. term. Health professionals are there to help you and offer you different activities: there are, for example, cooking workshops and specialized physical activity programmes. 

If you wish to have bariatric surgery, several healthcare professionals and Dr. Amit Sood working together in a multidisciplinary team will be there to support you, but also to monitor your state of health. Various examinations will be prescribed for you to carry out a complete assessment of your state of health and your hygiene and dietary habits, and in order to treat certain conditions from which you may suffer before the operation (deficiencies, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disorders). A psychological assessment will also be offered to you in order to consider the best psychotherapeutic care if necessary, as well as information on pregnancy and contraception for women of childbearing age. 

What are the potential complications ? 

Like any surgical procedure, certain complications can sometimes appear depending on your age or your general state of health: 

  • Mechanical complications: the diameter of the gastric band being controlled by a subcutaneous box, it is possible to develop discomfort, infection or lesions at the level of the box or the band; 
  • Functional complications: vomiting, inability to eat, oesophageal or transit disorders; nutritional deficiencies; 
  • Bleeding or ulcers; 
  • Psychological complications. 

What to do after the operation? 

Bariatric surgery is only effective in the long term if you change your eating habits, increase your physical activity and subject yourself to lifelong medical monitoring. Indeed, in order for the benefits of bariatric surgery in obese people to be lasting, and to avoid the appearance of side effects, medical monitoring of patients is essential. This monitoring includes: 

  • Four follow-up consultations with Dr. Amit Sood in the first year, then one to two per year; 
  • Regular consultations with Dr. Amit Sood; 
  • Taking certain vitamin supplements in case of gastric banding. 

In order to facilitate healing, it is recommended that you rest, do not carry heavy loads, and only resume physical activity between the 2nd and 4th week after the operation, following Dr. Amit Sood’s recommendations. In the event of a stoppage of more than 30 days, a pre-resumption visit to the occupational physician is mandatory. 

If you have benefitted from bariatric surgery for obesity, your physical and mental medical follow-up is essential: indeed, the modification of your body and its appearance can lead to

psychological upheaval that is sometimes difficult to understand. only. It is quite normal to need a period of adaptation to change, for yourself as well as for those around you. If you wish or if Dr. Amit Sood deems it necessary, you can be helped by a psychologist or psychiatrist to accept these changes. So if you are looking for the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Zirakpur, then you must visit Dr. Amit Sood at his Ckosmic Surgical Center.

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